Images and Reflections on Brudermord UK Tour 2015

Candlelight in London.  Castles in Oxford.  Swans along the River Avon.  Puppets.

Get comfortable inside our ethereal family room while we fire up the slide projector.  We’ve been anxious to share some of our adventures with you, gentle supporters – especially since we felt your presence strongly throughout this English journey.

First stop:  Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Next up:  Magdalen College, Oxford University

Final Destination: Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Then off to a few personal post-show destinations…

We are all so grateful.  At each venue we had the opportunity to talk about Austin and our US family of supporters.  In all travels, bumps occur, and it was your support and kindness that got us overseas, and kept us strong and adaptable throughout the adventure.  Every day we received boosting words of encouragement from back home, and we did our best to keep you close and make you proud.

Playing at the Globe, Oxford, and the Shakespeare Institute is an honor that we relish sharing with you.  You have our forever thanks, and promises of more adventures to come inside Hidden Rooms in Austin and in parts as yet unknown.

With Most Kind Regards,

the Matriarch